Crandall Printing Museum in Provo Utah has the most complete collection of presses and biblical printing history. With the passing of the original owner the new owners wanted to rebrand and relocate the museum from a private house to a more appropriate building. 

For the mark we used a drop cap as it is a visual device that has been around even since in the Guthenberg era to mark the beginning of a new chapter or a new subject matter. Which feels appropriate with the new ownership, we also included the official flower of Utah the Sego Lily as part of the mark. For the overall brand strategy we went with the mantra of “creating impressions” which had a double meaning; in printing letterpresses prints creates an impression on paper. Then there’s making impression in people’s hearts and minds because of the tactile nature of the exhibits.

Animation below done by my colleague Armand Pranoto of Ruang Sempurna.
Previous branding and venue pictured above and below. The museum is a fairly popular attraction in terms of reviews and impressions from the visitors. However there's no real incentive for people to revisit it again, the exhibits and the docents that guide the visitors are old and we were concerned that it would share the same statistics like a zoo. Surveys and statistics shows we visit zoos 3 times in our lives; when we're young, when we go on dates, and when we have children of our own.

 Compare that to my local galleries and museums, they change their feature shows on a quarterly basis. One winter would feature the works of Dali from all parts of the world, another about Warhol, right now this coming spring season it's about the street artist KAWS, equally our local museum would have exhibition about dinosaurs, or the human body, and so on. These sort of events keep the venue fresh and interesting for visitors.

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