poster art group exhibition shelter from the storm neon light lettering
I was invited to contribute to a group exhibition called 'Golden the Exhibition' with some amazing local artists to support their cause to raise funds for STREAT which is an organisation that helps deal with homelessness here in Australia. 
The theme that we had to work with was 'Hope' and I latched on to the word 'Shelter' and in my research I was inspired by the Bob Dylan song 'Shelter from the Storm' because some of the life stories that it tells is something I can relate to. I intended to use Neon lights as I felt it's part of the landscape when you deal with homelessness, visually it is a relief when it's a shelter or a hindrance when you happen to sleep under one. Golden the Exhibition is organised by the uber talented Kate Pullen, the event was hosted by Work-Shop Melbourne.
shelter from the storm developmental work sketch hand lettering
Photo by Work-Shop Melbourne
Neon light lettering poster vector art shelter homeless fundraising

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