Bobby Haiqalsyah is a designer, illustrator, and letterer based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally born in Indonesia, Bobby (or bobsta14 as his last name is so hard to spell) combined the vibrant aesthetics of the culture he was born in with the design education and history that he got from growing up in Australia. An accidental chef during his design college days, he decided to hang up his knives and apron to focus solely on his design and illustration career.

Having spent a few years in branding, media, and the advertising industry he’s settled to a life of lettering and illustration in Melbourne where he co-founded the Melbourne Lettering Club which is a network for like minded letter lovers to share the passion and knowledge to each other. He can sometimes be found crafting, educating, connecting people, and generally making things happen.

Select Clients
 Disney, Harley-Davidson, Little Creatures Brewing co, SBS Television, Canon Camera, AMP, RMIT University, Lynx, Harper-Collins, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Bickford's, Warsteiner, City of Melbourne, Los Angeles Magazine, K.W. Doggett Paper.

Available for hire, commission, and freelance work
Represented by Artistique International 
Ph: + 61 (0) 450 731 414 
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