An exhibition piece for the exhibition at He Made She Made Sydney for their last exhibition 'PIECE OUT'. HMSM was the first gallery that I ever exhibited in and they're closing their doors in Sydney. I can't not participate to say thanks to them as they move on to new and better things in the future. The piece features my rendition of a Kookaburra, the Platypus and the Warratah all official flora, fauna, and bird of NSW. 
I took part of a project to mark the launch of DDB Australia's graduate program with a series ads for everyday objectsb such as a feather, rock, lint, etc. Various Australian illustrators chooses their everyday items, I chose a key in this instance... 

Creative Directors: Guy Lemberg & Adam Ledbury
Creatives: Simon Friedlander & Daniel Ieraci
Graduates: Samantha Russo, Chelsea Lamond

Jacky Winter Group: Kate Banazi, He She It They I, Mark Godoy, Mimi Leung, Georgia Perry, Bobby Haiqalsyah, Ben Sanders
The Illustration Room: Chrissy Lau, Petros Bouloubasis, Michael Crampton, Rob Cowan, Kirsten Harris, Carmine Bellucci
The Drawing Book: Jouie Joyce, Bill Hope, Frant Kantor, Jo Ley, James Briscoe
Freelance: Lucas Savelli (Verdura)
Mural for Forepoint agency in UK
sketch hand lettering mural flourishes
mural lettering vector script swashes type art vector typography
Monogram for musician Alexander Graham
monogram hand lettering sketch spurs bifurcated
AG monogram vector brand mark logo monograph
Lettering development for Graham Alexander's upcoming album 'UninLove'
lettering album name sketch development
vector lettering album name un inlove alexander graham
Lettering for American Way Magazine
neil young harvest lettering editorial typography
I was commissioned to recreate my lettering of "Bohemian Rhapsody" this time for a spread in 5280 magazine. AD by Dana Pritts
bohemian rhapsody magazine spread article editorial lettering vector
magazine spread lettering editorial typography vector art
Lettering for the cover of interim Jacky Winter field guide 2016 AD by Jeremy Wortsman
jacky winter field guide cover lettering vector vintage sanborn
jacky winter field guide cover vector lettering typography vintage sanborn
My humble contribution for Show us your type: Rio De Janeiro 
Commissioned design for Energy Australia's Valentine's Day promotions
Holly and Dale's wedding monogram
monogram lettering monograph wedding vector illustration

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