I share this with you, my triumphs and failures, my hits and misses but ultimately my progression over the years. Some are personal and client projects, some are rejected designs, but most a lesson in itself. A journey that has taken this humble typochondriac in his search for form and style. I say make mistakes, embrace failures, they are lessons in disguise. We all have to start somewhere, if not here and now then when?

In the beginning we would learn by copying, and I believe it is the best way to learn at first. Some innovations of our era comes from copying and refining it, even though if it had been done before it doesn't mean it was done well. I would implore that anyone never under estimate their own touch, I have been very unsure of my own skills and abilities and try to "gravitate" towards the people/works that I admire. Our backgrounds differ, our cultural past, our tastes, our inspirations in art and life, and so on. Two chefs cooking with the same recipe will not get the same tasting dish, if they put their heart and soul in it. Never under estimate your taste, and your story.

"In the journey to finding our own voice, we find ourselves"
My submission for Typefight T voting closes 05/12/2012
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