The first music recording I ever got was Queen's Best of Album, which started a love affair with music for many years to come. The Iconic song 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen is so imprinted into our psyche that the mere mention of the first verse would create an involuntary sing-a-long for most people. After a conversation with the same person who gave me that cassette all those years ago, he described me to be a little "Bohemian" so this piece came to be soon after that meeting.

The idea is when the conductor is leading his orchestra he moves his wand as if magically painting a picture for us in sound. What if his movements actually 'writes' out a message, in this case the actual title of the tribute show. I was excited to hear that Tony Dispigna is coming down to Australia at the time, so I did some studies on his style to come up with this.
When inspiration and excitement strikes and you don't have a scanner handy.. Improvise
Thank you for watching..

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